Elton John Tour 2016 – The Piano Man Is Back!

One of the most celebrated names in the history of popular music over the last half-century will be playing live shows all over the country in the upcoming year. The Elton John tour 2016 will be making its way through many different cities, and if you’re lucky he might even be stopping by a location nearby you! He will be visiting cities across many different continents.

First you’ll be going to Australia, these shows will be taking place this year. Next you will be going to the United States of America, these shows are part of next year schedule. Finally he will be heading over to Europe to play concerts in several countries over there. All throughout these shows in different places you will periodically have the chance to see him play in Las Vegas Nevada where he has currently taken a presidency. You have a lot of chances to see him play live, there’s no doubt about that!

Elton has been playing shows consistently throughout the last 50 years. Something that’s going to be different this time around is that he has a new album being released very soon called wonderful crazy night. These will be the first concerts where you will have the chance to hear him play these new songs live. If you are planning on bringing the whole family, you might need to get creative with your ticket purchasing. As of right now, each person can only buy eight seats to a single show. If you are going to be going to the performance with tens of people, you’ll need to purchase tickets in several different names. This restriction isn’t too difficult to get around, but it’s certainly worth mentioning for those of us who enjoy going to shows with large groups.

If you haven’t been to one of his shows yet, you certainly want to make sure that you do so as soon as possible. He is slowly but surely cutting back on his concert hours in recent years and this trend is probably only going to continue as time goes on. He is getting older after all, you’ll be turning 69 while he is on the road next year. Another reason why he isn’t going on the road as much these days is that he wants to increase the amount of time that he spends with his family. He has some young children, and we all know how fast kids grow up. With their toddler years zipping by quickly, he wants to try to squeeze in as much time with them as he can.

In addition to the all new tracks that you’ll get to hear from his upcoming CD you’ll also of course here all of the favorites that the crowd expects to hear. These are songs like rocket man, Philadelphia freedom, don’t let the Sun go down on me, your song, Bennie and the Jets, and crocodile rock amongst others. John is one of the top-selling recording artists in the history of the world. If you look at his sales over the entire globe you’ll see that he has put more than 250 million albums in fans hands. He’s also one his share of awards! He’s had about 30 singles make it into the top 40, along with 25 of his albums going platinum and 35 others going gold.

He’s had a long and storied career, filled with awards, accolades, and millions of adoring fans. One record that he wants near and dear to his heart is that of the best selling single of all time. A sign that he wrote about Princess Diana’s death called candle in the wind 97 managed to bring in over 37 million sales. Another exciting thing about the upcoming Elton John tour 2016 is that he will have many of the original musicians that he started his career with play with him on stage. His drummer Nigel Olsson was part of John’s original band. The guitar player for these upcoming shows will be Davey Johnstone who has a musical history with Elton going back to 1971.

If you look back at the beginning of his career you can tally up that he has performed in more than 4000 live venues throughout the entire world. This is your opportunity to see one of his many performances for yourself!